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Ducted Air Conditioning is the perfect solution to cooling down your entire house quickly and efficiently. 

Here at Temperature Control we strive to deliver the best installation possible for all our clients and acknowledge that not every install is the same, we work with our clients to find what will work and be best depending on the situation, with ducted systems there is many options in regards to the finishing touches for it to fit the aesthetic of your home.


we can provide many different styles of diffusers such as, round, square, 4 way directional, downjet linear, double deflection and eyeball diffusers all in which can be customised to any length and size, also to any colorbond colour to match the desired location 



















we offer many different options for mounting your outdoor condenser system such as powder coated brackets,stainless steel brackets,galvanized brackets, mounting feet and also a poly PSAC slab

We also can supply most colorbond colours for the outside trunking to cover all the piping and electricals and work with our clients to provide the best colour match for their property

With ducted systems we are able to give our clients zone control which enables certain areas to be closed/opened or reduce the airflow to the desired amount.










with the new technology provided from elite control upgrades you can be given access to your unit through wifi and 3G network allowing you to control your unit from anywhere you desire with the option for home integration services such as google home and amazon alexa, for ultimate control over your air conditioning system and the airflow distribution throughout your house

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